Jerry Martinez

Board of Advisors
Lieutenant General (Ret.) U.S. Air Force

General (Ret.) Jerry Martinez recently completed a 33-year distinguished career in the United States Air Force.  Throughout his tenure, he succeeded in numerous high-level positions.  In his final assignment, he was the Commander of US Forces Japan, responsible for managing bilateral security issues and serving as the military focal point for negotiations with the Government of Japan on a wide range of issues.  In this capacity, he oversaw 54,000 members of the Armed Forces.  He also served as the senior US officer in the Netherlands, working with 28 NATO countries, where he developed NATO responses to the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, as well as oversaw operations of NATO forces in Afghanistan.  Additionally, Jerry was selected for the prestigious Secretary of Defense Corporate Fellow Program, where he served in the DuPont Corporation in Wilmington Delaware.  This 1-year program provided exposure to corporate strategy, profit and loss, investor relations, sales and marketing, and C-Suite executive leadership. While at DuPont, he expertly taught leadership to executives at all levels in the company.  He has tremendous experience in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, while operating at very senior levels, to include with heads of state.  He brings strong leadership and a global understanding of National Security and strategy, combined with government relations.

Since his retirement from the Air Force in April, Jerry has been involved with many activities.  He is currently a Vice President in Allegiant Air, based at their corporate headquarters in Las Vegas.  Additionally, he has been active on the speaking circuit, providing speeches on National Security to numerous organizations.  These include: The Maritime/Air Systems Technology Asia, The National Defense Transportation Association, The Defense and Security Equipment International, and The Japan Cuts Hollywood Film Festival.  He also served as a podcast keynote guest with SAGE International, an Australian think tank dedicated to deepening the understanding of global strategic and political issues.  Jerry has also been active in the business world.  He has formed a consulting LLC and advised on issues regarding national defense, pilot retention, Afghanistan logistics, and future operations of the Civil Reserve Air Fleet.  Additionally, he is a partial owner of a Japanese non-profit, the International Security Industry Council.  The Council’s charter is to provide a forum to connect businesses both in Japan and throughout the US and Pacific regions.  He is also currently co-authoring a book on Korea, discussing the many issues with ensuring peace on the Peninsula.  Lastly, Jerry is even working in the television industry.  He will host a 10-episode History Channel show called “Defending Japan”, which highlights the security threat surrounding Japan, as well as the importance of the US and Japan Alliance.  He will also serve as an Associate Producer for the series, which is scheduled to begin filming in August of 2020.

Jerry is married to Kimberly Martinez, and they have two children.  He comes from the small country town of Guymon, Oklahoma.  He is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, and has a Master’s Degree in Business from Webster University in St Louis.   His leadership is based on integrity, hard work, and respect for others.