Alliances & Coalitions

CAPS is an agency for progress and change, yet our vision for a cooperative and constructive future is inherently connected to a deep and nuanced respect for social, political and historical circumstances of each nation in the Asia Pacific region.

About Us

The Center for Asia Pacific Strategy is a non-profit and non-partisan 501(c)(3) organization committed to supporting research and seminars for new and innovative approach to Asia Pacific strategy. CAPS was founded on the goal of advancing intellectual discourse that enlightens current and future leaders with insightful and innovative approaches to Asia Pacific policy. We are ‘practitioners’ with a pragmatic and balanced approach to security issues in the Asia Pacific Region. We support and promote cutting edge discourse, both regionally and across the globe, to educate business, defense, and academic leaders on the unique geopolitical dynamics in the region. We pioneer new approaches to strengthening strategic coalitions that stand guard against threats to democratic values across the Asia Pacific region.

What We Do

CAPS leverages its extensive military and diplomatic expertise to develop ‘actionable’ policy recommendations, customized for governments in the region. We promote in-depth analysis and assessments, drawing upon lessons learned from previous and current strategies. Assuming a position of neutrality and non-partisanship, we strive to enhance Asia Pacific regional security by strengthening the synergy and effectiveness of the strategic coalition of democratic nations through the development of intellectually sound and operationally feasible solutions to the most challenging security and policy issues across the region. CAPS invests in long term regional stability through the promotion of discourse that promotes our shared democratic values and develops innovative approaches to mitigating the threat of violence and instability throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Make A Donation

The Center for Asia Pacific Strategy is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization located in Washington, DC. CAPS is committed to the promotion of strategic policy and framework operations across the Asia Pacific region. Our work would not be possible without the support we receive from individuals, private foundations, corporations, and government grants and donations.