Who We Are

CAPS is a Practitioner-Led Think Tank with a Focus on Asia Pacific Security

We are a Multi-National Organization with a Broad Range of Specialties and Practical Experience

The Center for Asia Pacific Strategy is a non-profit and non-partisan 501(c)(3) organization committed to supporting research and seminars for new and innovative approach to Asia Pacific strategy. CAPS was founded on the goal of advancing intellectual discourse that enlightens current and future leaders with insightful and innovative approaches to Asia Pacific policy.

We are ‘practitioners’ with a pragmatic and balanced approach to security issues in the Asia Pacific Region. We support and promote cutting edge discourse, both regionally and across the globe, to educate business, defense, and academic leaders on the unique geopolitical dynamics in the region. We pioneer new approaches to strengthening strategic coalitions that stand guard against threats to democratic values across the Asia Pacific region.

CAPS was founded on the belief that in today’s global political landscape, there is a genuine need for highly qualified and experience-based political insight that specializes in the Asia Pacific region. As a collective, we share the common goal of bringing awareness to leaders and the general public about real-world defense and security issues pertaining to Asia Pacific nations. Our belief is that collective knowledge and situational awareness can play a prominent role in mitigating the region’s security challenges.

As we continue to grow and mature as an organization, our group of internationally renowned experts and advisors are active on the front line of significant international security-related developments in the Asia Pacific region; acting as leading sources of cutting-edge analysis and assessment.