Our Mission

Putting Our Experience to Work for the Security of the Asia Pacific Region


The Center for Asia Pacific Strategy is an independent multi-national think tank that promotes a pragmatic and balanced approach to security issues in the Asia Pacific Region. Our team of leading experts and practitioners fosters discourse that educates business, defense, and academic leaders on the region’s unique geopolitical dynamics. We pioneer new approaches to strengthening strategic coalitions that stand guard against threats to democratic values across the Asia Pacific region. CAPS leverages its extensive military and diplomatic expertise to develop independent and ‘actionable’ policy recommendations, customized for governments in the region. Assuming a position of neutrality and non-partisanship, we strive to enhance Asia Pacific regional security by strengthening the synergy and effectiveness of the strategic coalition of democratic nations.


CAPS fosters global future leaders with an emphasis on respect and collaboration to achieve international economic and security stability.

CAPS works to support the rules-based international order and seeks a world that adheres to the principles in the United Nations Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Strong alliances and effective international collaboration are key to security and prosperity.