Adam Williams

Board of Advisors
Group Captain (Ret.), Royal Australian Air Force

Born in Singapore in 1972, Group Captain (Ret.) Adam Williams joined the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) where he graduated from the Australian Defense Force Academy with a Bachelor of Science degree and served in a multitude of flying, staff, and command roles over the next 31 years. With a pedigree in military aviation and further education including two Master’s degrees, his experience has included command at all levels, the inception of new formations in the Australian Air Force, combat operations, and humanitarian missions. Career highlights include service in the Australian High Commissions to Singapore and Brunei, graduating from the prestigious Indian National Defense College, and 3 years commanding the United Nations Command Rear in Japan during the tumultuous period from 2018-2021. Adam lives on the gold coast of Australia and is married to Laura. He is an avid skydiver who also enjoys bushwalking and time with his family.