Center for Asia Pacific Strategy

New Publication – Talking Points: North Korea Part 1

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new paper by CAPS Advisory Board member, Ambassador Thomas Schäfer, titled, “Talking Points: North Korea – Encouraging a Different Mindset in North Korea: Introduction and Recommended Talking Points on Agriculture, Food Security,  Private Economic Activities, and Enterprise Reform.”  It will be followed by two subsequent papers by Ambassador Schäfer (to be released in early 2024) as a three-part series on North Korea:

Part 2: Talking Points on Private Foreign Investment and Special Economic Zones

Part 3: Talking Points on Military Spending Objectives of Nuclear Armament, Nuclear Negotiations, “Hostile Policy,” A Peace Treaty, And an End-Of-War Declaration

Ambassador Schäfer’s three Talking Points: North Korea papers are the inaugural publications in our “Practitioner to Practitioner” series which seeks to provide practical and actionable policy recommendations for practitioners from practitioners.