Center for Asia Pacific Strategy

Farewell To Our 2020 Summer Interns

The inaugural group of CAPS interns from the School of Global Policy and Strategy at the University of California at San Diego made tremendous contributions in the development of projects and papers.

Ahsun Ahmed developed a non-profit organization implementation plan for the implementation and execution of the organization’s strategic concepts.  This excellent work provided the path for a 501(c)3 non-profit organizational Business Plan.  Mr. Ahmed also produced a paper on the India-China-Pakistan-Kashmir Conflict, including potential resolution strategies, was tremendously insightful and makes a great contribution to our library of “100 Minute Roundtable Topics” for 2021.

Ayn Hatfield researched available Grants offered by Asia Pacific nations or foundations and presented CAPS with three potential grants offered by Taiwan, Japan and India for non-profit policy “Think Tank” organizations. Ms. Hatfield also produced a thoughtful paper on Cross-Strait Relations, she crafted practical policy and plans for reenergizing this critical Taiwan-China relationship.

Alana Laanui, developed a comprehensive plan for an annual Asia Pacific Strategy Conference in Washington D.C. which provided an excellent overview of a potential venue for strategy and policy discussion for the region.  Further, Alana’s excellent paper addressed a plan for the United States to leverage the capabilities of Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam as small producers of Rare Earth Elements (REE) including policy recommendations for the US Government.

Rachel Lietzow conducted an Asia Pacific Policy analysis with recommended CAPS discussion topics and associated CAPS “100 Minute Roundtable” slides, significantly contributing to our CAPS Roundtable library.  Her paper outlining a democratic values-based, pragmatic foreign policy initiative that can serve as a counterweight to China’s “Belt and Road Initiative,” made an insightful and practical contribution.